Running in Hull 001 – The Figures

Well the journey, many months on and for the past week, we’ve been enjoying our pride and joy. We have commenced sea trials with some very positive feedback!

The question we keep getting asked, does she perform well?
Well, we will let you be the judge – but we say a massive thumbs up.

The figures are:

  • 350 Verado SCI with 250 litres of fuel, safety gear and 3 people onboard, she hits her straps at 44 – 46 knots, 6600rpm running into a 13 knot SW wind and 1.5m swell with white caps just appearing. A little tab applied for stability and a touch of trim out, she stood proud.
  • At 4000rpm she’s cruising between 28 – 30 knots.
  • At 3500rpm she cruises at a sprightly 25.5 knots – with our girl doing it effortlessly.
  • Prop of choice at the moment is Revolution 19 pitch, 4 blade.
  • Fuel economy is 30 – 35 litres an hour.
  • The engine cav plate runs 3 inches above the V pad on an 8 inch hydraulic jack plate.

Obviously with more load these numbers will change, with the ride only improving. We are still impressed considering the freeboard, the wind factor and wetted surface area below the chines. She’s is an incredibly soft ride with the V pad. At speeds of 44 – 49 knots she sits true and straight on the pad, unlike the old hull with the rounded bilge which had a tendency to tail walk and lose feeling at 44 knots.

More testing to come over the following week with another set of props to arrive.