We’ve been asked the question constantly, Why?

Well, there’s several reasons.

Hull 001 went through some rigorous testing in all conditions, she was built slightly lighter to push the limits for her structural strength and performance. We run an 8 inch hydraulic plate on 001, though moving forwards future builds have an 5 inch manual jackplate.

A jackplate will lift your engine and position your propeller closer to the water line, moving the propeller further away from the transom so as to avoid the boat’s turbulence as it travels through the water. This removes much of the lower unit from the water which reduces drag and increases the speed of your boat.  The additional setback of the jackplate has the benefit of placing your propeller in cleaner, undisturbed water allowing your engine to work more efficiently.

Having your engine up and set back from the transom enhances handling.  Additionally, putting your engine as low as it can go with a jackplate while navigating rough water gives the propeller more traction in the water.

Our engine well is just over 400mm deep, not enough for decent trim and tilt.

Why did we do this small engine well?

We wanted to maximise room internally in the cockpit though still be able to reach around the back of the engine with a short stroker rod.

For every part of Tidal’s design there is a purpose, and a reason why, and if for some reason our customer feels she’s not quite right for them, we can customise to their requirements.